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New Optik TV Box PVR Issues

Friendly Neighbour
The big problem I've run into already on the 1st day of use is the new PVR system is a massive downgrade from the old box.

Basically what I've noticed is that the new PVR UI puts every show/series/program under 1 header.. and because of that and bad UI programming it only lets you PVR that show on 1 channel, if you try to change the channel it will delete the previously scheduled recordings on the other channels through the UI. Also once you set up that show to record on that 1 channel it can only be set up to record once per day, it's listed in the options but when you click on it it won't change because it has no other options to change to. It also still lacks simple options that our 10 year old box had like adding extra time to the end of a scheduled recording in case that program ran late, like for sports if there was overtime or a weather delay.

You CAN get around the limiting UI to record the same show on multiple channels, but to do this you need to manually go through the channel guide to record your shows ahead of time. Sort of a pain and defeats the purpose imo of the new cleaner UI if it just adds more steps for the same functions the old hardware had.

Personally I think this is a massive oversight and just bad programming/design of the software on the new device by Telus. I have no idea how this wasn't brought up as an issue in testing before releasing this to their customers. The new added benefits of the new system like being able to talk to my remote doesn't out-weight the downsides with PVR imo. I'm hoping they can address these issues in a firmware/software update in the near future because at this point if there are not any new plans to update this system I'm probably going to ask to be changed back to the old tv box if possible. In my case, my partner and I almost exclusively use our TV for PVRing sports since we're too busy to be home all the time when our favourite sports are on and we're huge sports fans, so for us this is a huge deal because it's what we use our Optik system for 90+% of the time. I hope this gets seen by Telus support or devs because it's a major issue that should be fixed before they roll out this system to all existing customers! Honestly though, if you're someone with the old system who uses PVR a lot I'd hold onto your old hardware until these issue are addressed!


The new system seems geared towards getting you to buy on demand shows rather than a TV viewing experience like it was before. It takes many more clicks to accomplish the same tasks, if you even can, compared to the old 4k boxes which worked just fine for the most part.  Telus doesn't seem to care much about the user experience when they throw this kind of garbage at the customer without proper testing and making sure this new version is at least as good as the old one. Sheesh.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Kitsune Thank you for flagging the experience gaps. I'm working on summarizing everyone's feedback to share with the development team. One good thing about the new Optik service is that we now can control our own roadmap, and we will be much faster (than before) in terms of releasing new updates. For example, in the latest release, we auto extended sports recording by 60 mins for general sports and 90 mins for tennis. Thank you for your patience as we work towards improving the TV product!