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Legacy Set Top Disposal


I have Google TV and I am currently running the Telus +  Android app via the Google device.  Seems to me that the Telus Legacy set top box is now redundant -- except if I wanted to PVR record (think the recorder is in the Telus box), which I almost never do.  So, can I ditch the Telus box and get rid of the Optik TV connection to my router?  I have been waiting vainly for the new Telus Android set top -- if and when that happens I am guessing that I would get PVR recording back.


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @bskitmor,


You certainly don't need to use the Optik TV PVR if you don't want and are satisfied with the TELUS TV+ app on other devices. However, this PVR is TELUS-owned equipment and when or if you ever decide to cancel Optik TV, you will need to return all TELUS-owned equipment, otherwise you may be charged for it.

Thanks -- not planning on cancelling Optik. Hoping to get the Android set top sometime.

I have disconnected the two legacy Optk set top boxes from my TVs -- assume I can return them any time.  I have about 18 months left on my Optik/internet (Pur Fibre)/Home Phone contract.