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HDMI-CEC not supported on OPTIK digital box

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I had Telus Optik recently installed. Digital Box (Model UIW8001 TLU) is hardwired and connected to TV via HDMI. The issue is that TV does not switch automatically between HDMI 1 and 2. Works great with Apple TV connected to HDMI 2 and I can see on TV input is auto. Not so with Telus Optic box on HDMI 1. I can see two inputs: One is called HDMI and another called "BRCMSTB". With my previous service provider and their digital box this worked seamlessly. 

I have called the installer. Suggested I switch resolution from recommended 4K to 720. This has made no difference. 

Frustrating that I have to use the TV remote to access input button as the Telus remote has no input button.


Is HDMI-CEC supported with this digital box?

How do I figure out if this is a firmware issue? or not supported by the digital box

Is there anything else I can do? (I have switched HDMI inputs and HDMI cables with no change)


Thanks in advance 





Community Power User
Community Power User

To my knowledge, no. I have the same issue, and not found resolution.


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