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Disappearing series recordings - Digital Box


Hi @Optik-Kate So I have noticed some previously set series recordings are disappearing from my 'Recording Schedule'.

I had several 'series recordings' set which were recording previously aired programs on several different channels. They were working okay but now no longer appear in my recording schedule?

If I search for that particular program at a future time and try to set a recording it allows me to record that particular airing, but if I try to reinstate it to a series recording it displays 'edit series' but no series is set (in my list)? The only workaround is to go through the listings an set individual recordings. Annoying!

Is this a general problem or 'my account' problem?

An online chat session with support did not resolve the issue. I was told it would be forwarded to the network team to check my box and they would email me. Not heard anything from them the last 3 days...


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @MrSL, thanks for flagging. Do you mind sharing which programs are impacted? If you have the title, season and episode, it would greatly help our investigation!

Hi @Optik-Kate Okay, I'm sure this will look confusing, but i'll do my best lol, but this is from memory. So first (#1), I had series recordings set for 'This Old House' and 'Ask This old House' which I think were on PBS all repeats I still have one I manually recorded after both series disappeared that is Season 21. When I scanned through the guide for a future recording, it would let me record that, (and onscreen showed recording set) but a second press of the record button, the 3 red circles for series appeared briefly and then disappeared. No series was set. If when viewing the program on the guide, if I press the okay button it shows the program details and bottom left shows 'edit series' although non is set...

Part2 - Wouldn't let me post as 1, too long maybe?

(#2) I had a series recording set on Showcase channel, 'Lost Girl' (again these are all repeats) it did record I think 4 episodes season 1, shows 1-4. Then the series disappeared. I set individual recordings for 4 episodes (S1 episodes 5-9?). Same error viewing those individual listings, edit series, although series not displayed.

Part 3

(#3) So I just attempted to do this. This is a future program so maybe more helpful? Although this is slightly different. Golf Channel Friday June 9th, 9am-11:30am LPGA Shopright Classic. Initially I looked at this in the guide. Pressed okay (to view details) and bottom left it says edit series, although non displayed in my scheduled series recordings. This time I went to edit series and cancelled it, got the message are you sure you wish to cancel, selected okay. Series apparently deleted. Now this time it did let me create a series which should be either the following 3 or 4 consecutive days. But when I look at my scheduled series recordings for that program only 1 program is set to record, not the following days? However if in the guide I view the following days program, again selecting okay in the guide it says edit series recording. Confusing eh, but I hope this helps somewhat.

Hi @MrSL just wanted to pop back in and say thank you for the information, I've passed the details on to the team for further investigation!

@Optik-Kate So another Series recording disappeared... LA Fire & Rescue, channel 115 - Global.

So successfully recorded season 1 episodes 1 thru 5 then vanished. Noticed this during the broadcast of season 1 episode 6. A new series recording was set during episode 6 and guide shows S1:7 & S1:8 are scheduled to be recorded.

Hi @MrSL , are these recordings disappearing before the 45 days expiry? 

Hi @Optik-Kate I'm not talking the actual recordings of the program, but the "Series Recording" set to record the series.


Response to this thread indicates you need to schedule recordings at least every 45 days. On the contrary, other competitors allow recurring recordings for any program, even for those yearly live events! I used to have the same hardware for Telus’ legacy system but with another telco. After switching to their latest cloud Dvr last Dec., ALL SCHEDULED TASKS from the legacy service were transferred and they continue to run until now.


Hi @Optik-Kate Not received a reply from you from my post 4 weeks ago?

Another recording Series Schedule disappeared yesterday. Just to clarify once again... This is not the recordings that disappear it is the Series Schedule that has gone, i.e. not listed in upcoming future recordings.

I had a series schedule for 'BBQ Brawl' on ch 313. It successfully recorded S4 Ep1-8 and once again the SCHEDULE has gone and no longer listed in upcoming recordings despite the fact the series is still running, i.e. there is a program displayed in the guide for Mon Sept 4 S4 Ep9 - why?

I have managed to add this to record as a single program but it won't allow me to create another Series Schedule for this program.

Hi @MrSL thank you for always listing out the content/shows that you are experiencing this on. Unfortunately, I do not have an update on this matter, but I will continue to flag this information to the development team as they arise.