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Command(s) to Launch Netflix App using Harmony 650 Remote activity?


There is not much on this topic on the Logitech support site, so I thought I would throw this one out to others who may have tried this.

We subscribed to OptikTV and part of it is `free' Netflix. To use it on the Arris DVR you have to launch the app, which we have configured with our credentials. However when attempting to add an activity to the Harmony 650 universal remote there is nothing that I can see that allows one to have a couple of commands to load Netflix. It is all basic Menu, Channel, PVR Input etc.


It's not a huge issue but thought I would see if anyone has done this and how.





There isn't a command button for Netflix on the Optik remote so there's no way to teach it to the Harmony. It's possilble the Optik box is programmed with a direct IR code to access it but there's no way to find out what it is.


If you have a smart TV it may have a Netflix app built in and a remote button dedicated for Netflix. My Sony does.

You can program the channel number for Netflix as an activity in the Harmony 650. It's channel 422 for me in Alberta.

I think this must be  a regional thing even though it's not stated explicitly in their support documentation:


I tried to punch that channel and it's not listed here in Vancouver 😞

@jdanham wrote:

I tried to punch that channel and it's not listed here in Vancouver 😞

What comes up after switching to channel 422? If that's not Netflix then do this:

  1. Open the guide
  2. Press the Option button on the remote
  3. Select Search channel
  4. Enter Netflix
  5. It will show up as NETFLIXJP, select it and it will show you what channel it's on

OK I must have had a filter on my OptikTV channels yesterday as going through your search suggestion I found it *was* 422! Thanks for that.



I think this is probably the best solution based on my answer, but something else has arisen while dealing with this issue; namely the ArrisDVR box remembering the last channel (which is often Stingray music) that was on before it was powered off, which means that when I run `Watch OptikTV' activity, it just takes me to the last channel - and even if I add a channel number in that activity sequence, it seems like the ArrisDRV is waiting for an `OK' command. You know when the preview picture shows up in the guide? So the box accepts the channel, but it will NOT change it without further input from the remote. I just assumed that the Harmony command would send the full instruction and not require the operator to do anything. I get the feeling that this is partly an issue with the OptikTV device/software and limitations of the Harmony, plus my own lack of experience 😉

That's why @FuzzyLogic suggested you start the sequence with the Guide command. You may want to put a 2 second pause after the Guide command to give it time to open.

Agreed, but I forgot to mention that when I tried to follow these and Logitech instructions, I cannot seem to add more than one number to the command, and so all I get is `4' and toggling back just repeats the whole process over again.


Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 6.05.57 PM.png


I can't see your screen capture yet. It needs to be approved by the moderators.

You need to send three separate number commands, just like if you were pressing the remote buttons. There is no button for 422. The 4, 2 and 2 are separate button presses. Follow with 2 separate Ok commands. The first Okay command takes you to the channel in the guide and the second Okay command switches to the channel and exits the guide.

You may need a 2 second pause then a 3rd Okay command to start the Netflix app. Just follow the process to do it manually yourself with the Optik remote and you'll know what you need program.

OK thanks for that. Yes I have access to it via Apple TV and the OptikTV app (directly via the remote). I was just trying to consolidate these functions on the Harmony but I understand the limitations now.



Community Power User
Community Power User

It's been a long time since I set up my Harmony 650. I haven't done this particular macro but it should be possible.


You will need to create a sequence:


Creating Button Sequences (


Assuming you are already watching Optik you could use this command sequence:








This would go to the Guide, then channel 422 (Netflix) and Enter. If that works you could then expand, if you desire, to turn on your TV and Optik Box etc.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.