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Cloud PVR 45 Day Retention / Picture Quality


i am considering a move from Delta Cable (Eastlink) to Telus. I am concerned with picture quality and cloud pvr retention.


I have read about unlimited shows for 45 days, but sales is saying that i can use favourites to redownload or stream shows beyond that 45 day period. We like to save shows on the current pvr for months, sometimes years. 45 days seems very short. Can anyone confirm that we can watch favourited shows after 45 days with this workaround?


Secondly, what are your thoughts on image quality? Eastlink is 1080p, but over coax, and for the most part it looks great on my 4K TV. What are your impressions of image quality? My house had pure fibre installed maybe 5 years ago but i have yet to sign up for an account.



I can’t comment too much on picture quality of telus vs eastlink. But I know eastlink launched their new TiVo stream Pvr. Which runs on android tv like the new telus digital box does. Just different interface layout. However eastlink provides 365 days of pvr cloud storage with 350 hours of storage. So you may want to also check with eastlink to see if you can upgrade to that. Or better yet head to the Ladner eastlink store and take it for a test drive if they have it setup there!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

The current development allows for unlimited show recording with storage of 45 days, after 45 days the recording will be auto-deleted with no option to extend. That said, you can schedule re-run recordings so that it is available for another 45 days. In terms of streaming favourite shows, the sales agent might be referring to the Optik TV Video On Demand library, or if you have other streaming services bundled together (such as Netflix, Prime Video, etc) In this case, yes, Video on Demand content and other streaming service content will be available for longer than 45 days. 

Sounds like lots of works on using the Calendar apps. I have never heard of the expiry of future scheduled recordings on any live tv subscription tbh.