Charged for movies I have not watched, PVR recordings are showing up that I have not programmed...



I am here as a last resort.  I signed up with Telus for Optik TV and Internet. The internet has been great, and I actually really like the Optik TV - it is the first time I have ever had a PVR and I love being able to record movies from TCM, as well as some of the sitcoms I like.   I also like the TV on Demand.  I do not use the movies on demand as I also have Apple TV and I prefer to order my movies through Apple as then I can download them on my MacBook when I travel.  That aside, I am having major repeated issues with being charged for items I have not ordered.

I have been with Telus for 10 billing periods now and 5 of those 10 months I have had to call to have charges removed from my bill.  Some of the incidents include:

  • Movie rentals I did not order.  These include movies I have no interest in such as the Carebears, Hustler, and the one that showed up today that prompted my post here - The Croods.
  • Movie purchases that not only I have not ordered, but I am unable to access even if I did want to watch them!!
  • The addition of theme packs to my account that not only did I not order, but again cannot access!   An example this was the addition of a sports theme pack - I have zero interest in this!
  • TV shows showing up in my PVR that I did not record, and sometimes from theme packs I don't have (like the mandarin news channel)
  • TV shows and movies showing up in my OnDemand history that I have not watched.  

I am a single woman in my 40s and I live on my own.  I have zero interest in the CareBears or the Croods, however, I would have REALLY liked to have watched the Kathrine Hepburn movie I recorded on my PVR that was somehow deleted today?  I was really looking forward to watching it tonight and now I am kind of disappointed.

These additional charges are quite substantial each month and I have had to spend hours on the phone with Telus trying to get it sorted.  The first step is always trying to convince them that I did not order these items, and then go through the same troubleshooting steps each time:

  • Changing my purchase pin
  • Updating my account password
  • Changing my wifi password

I will say that Telus has been really responsive - they also sent a technician out to change out my PVR in case it was still linked to another customer.  They changed the PVR on December 4, and it seemed to work for a few days and then I went into my ondemand only to see a bunch more movies ordered!  These, of course, showed up on my mid-December bill so I HAD TO CALL AGAIN 😡


Some logistics - I live on my own in a basement suite, it is a newer house and has only had one tenant in it before.  She also had telus optik and was here for about a year.  I asked the upstairs tenants if they had telus in case things were crossing wires, and they have shaw.  I also asked the next door neighbours, one does not have cable and the other one does have telus but has had no issues.  I have purchase pins setup appropriately (the technician double checked all that when he was here).


So - anyone have any ideas?  I am just so exasperated and done with it all, but I have another 14 months on my contract.  Further that, other than these overcharges I quite like the optik tv setup.   I will say it is really weird to go into your on demand and see a bunch of tv shows and movies in there as 'watched' when you have not watched them.


Exasperated customer in Nanaimo 😑

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It sounds like somehow your account and another are crossed up on the back end. Changing your password, etc., will make no difference, as it needs to be addressed at a deeper level. I suggest contacting Telus, and demanding to speak to their Technical Services team, as the frontline staff will not be able to address this issue.


It may be that a previous PVR is still associated with the location, even though the account & account holder has changed.



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Thanks for your thoughts and response, I agree - I think it is something out of my hands, I will try calling again on Monday 😕