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Can't Set A Series Recording for Chek News At 5:00


A new subscriber to Telus, and having some issues I need to iron out.
Latest Android TV Box (UIW4054TLU).


I haven't been able to set up a series recording for Chek News (channel 121) at 5:00.  It always reverts back to an episode recording and only records the current day which then expires.  I actually see the series 3 red circles, flipping back to an episode single circle. Also, if I try to schedule a series recording for Chek Weekend News, it reports "Recording not set".    

This was no problem on Shaw - what am I missing?

Does Telus need to correct the guide metadata?
Is there a workaround, that does not require me adding a recording every day.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hmm, that's odd indeed. @Optik-Kate & @KHR is this an issue you've heard of?


I brought up Chek News at 5:00 in the guide and then selected show times.  It shows each day's episode from Today, Monday, Tuesday, etc.  I toggled series recording by selecting the first entry in the day list (i.e. Today:Friday) and toggled through to the series selection.   It seems to maintain the series recording setting from here. 

Unfortunately, it still seems that something is wrong.

I looked at today's scheduled recording list and it does show "series" set.  But it only lists today's episode, it does not show Monday, Tuesday, etc. 
I then went to the guide, and it also shows today's recording with the series 3 circles, however when I move forward to Monday's show time in the guide, it does not show any recording being set, neither episode nor series. 

Definitely weird.   It looks like each episode is only part of it's own series and future episodes are their own independent series of one. 


Some other data points.  I have the same issue with Chek News at 6 as well.

If I select something like "Pictionary" on the Chek station (channel 121) and set up a series recording, it's fine.  The recording's scheduled list shows an episode set  up for each day in the future (today, April 17,18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 26).

So it must be related to how the Chek News shows are configured in the guide (metadata).

Hi @grimmt1, I was able to replicate your experience on my end with certain news channels. Upon confirming with our development team, this is a known issue that we're working towards resolving, and you are correct that it is related to metadata configuration that prevents the recognition of episodes within a series. I will update this thread when I have more information. Appreciate your patience as we work towards resolving this. 


Thanks for the very quick confirmation of the issue - it's appreciated.


For the time being, I'll set up the day recordings.

Friendly Neighbour

I also an not get series recordings on cnn, fox and bc


I will add a "me too" to this.


We would like to record the CBC National news, channel 800, at 6:00 PM. When we "record the series" we get 3 recordings at 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm Monday to Friday .. and no recording on Sunday.


 A (simple ??) workaround would be an option to use the old VCR recording strategy of: Record this channel at this time on these days regardless of the metadata.


I'm new to Telus too and channel 121 has mysteriously 'disappeared' along with 3 other channels. In the TV guide the channel shows up but on the side with the number it has a little house icon with a line through it. And if I try to select that channel a message pops up saying 'This program can only be viewed while on your Telus home internet'. Which I am of course on my home internet.

I've called a million times for tech support. Reset modem and box a million times. They sent a new box which fixed it for a day or two and then it re-occurred. Then a technician came and 'fixed' it... for a day or two. And now on hold with tech support for the millionth time.

Very frustrating as a new customer to Telus. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry about that! Were you able to get through to Tech Support to get it finally resolved?

No, my millionth call resolved nothing again. I have been promised a call back after back office receives this escalation. But this has been escalated many times now.
On April 28 it was escalated and I was promised a call back within 24 hrs. Still waiting for that. And I’ve called the tech (who was here on 4/28 and left his card) twice and left messages.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Really appreciate your patience with this. Our Tech Support Escalation team will do their best to get to the bottom of this.

Hi there,

I'm still waiting for somebody to call me back on my issues. It's been 3 weeks since Boudine said she'd call back last week. Radio silence.

Still cannot watch the channels I want. Every night a new issue with TV service.

I would like to cancel my service and go back to Shaw.

Laura Jackson

Have you checked the free on-demand uploaded on the channel’s website? If the picture quality is the same, you can change the current watching habit.
Similar thing for CBC & Global Nationals. They are both uploaded in 1080P on yt for FREE, & cbc even attaches broadcast-grade CC while yt provides auto captions for Global. I have compared these two programs on yt & Fibe tv. The latter shares the same legacy dvr as Telus but with less storage. However, the pic quality appears to be identical even under their new dvr, while Telus users have lots of complaints about deteriorating PQ, so it’s very unworthy to watch these programs on Telus’ new service. I guess you guys can also opt out CBC local news due to the same reason.