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Can I Downgrade to the Old TV Box?

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We are having the worst time trying to watch the Oilers this playoff season. They have installed a train horn in the ice district that goes off 40 seconds before a goal happens on our TV. They play the same Sportsnet broadcast we are watching but are 40 seconds ahead so they aren't using a live feed from inside the rink. We have other family members who haven't switched to the new boxes who can no longer text us during the games because they are 40 seconds ahead of us because their boxes are not internet based. I just got off the phone and was told I can not switch back to a cable based box. I just want to watch sports without having the whole game spoiled because I have an internet based streaming box. There must be hundreds of the old boxes lying around collecting dust.


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Unfortunately regardless of the box you have it will rely on the Internet to get your TV. I'm not sure of the cause for the delay issues but having the old box will unlikely make much difference with respect to the delays of live broadcasts.


This thread has some additional information:


Delayed live sports on new Telus android box - TELUS Neighbourhood

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I checked that thread before making this one, nobody offered a solution there so I thought I should try again. There is a 10 second on live broadcasts sure. But that's not an issue because everyone is subject to that one. The additional 40 seconds after that because the event is being streamed rather than through cable like it has been for the last 30 years with no problems is the issue and was not an issue until the switch to these internet boxes.

This is a big problem and many are talking about it. It's the same with the TELUS TV+ app. Both are around 20-30 seconds behind the feed on the "old" non-Android boxes.

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......anyone who says that it's the same across all boxes, "old" and "new", is wrong, quite frankly.