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Audio to bluetooth and to tv speaker

I’m a new Telus customer with the new TV+ box (android). When I connect my bluetooth earbuds the regular audio mutes. I need both as I use the earbuds cos I’m going deaf but the rest of my family want to listen normally. Any ideas for how I get both outputs at the same time?

I can think of 2 possibilities.

1) You may be able to connect 2 Bluetooth devices to the Android box if it supports dual audio. If so then you can connect your headphones and a Bluetooth speaker. I don't have the new android box so I can't check myself.

2) Your TV may have dual audio Bluetooth or be able to simultaneously output to the speakers and Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a second bluetooth device (… and I don’t really want to have to buy one.) And anyway, my TV does not have bluetooth capability, and it’s also not clear to me that the box can support two bluetooth connections.

Still, thanks for your suggestions.

I was previously with Shaw and their STB sent audio out on the HDMI cable to the TV irrespective of whether my bluetooth earbuds were connected or not. It’s a real shame the Telus alternative doesn’t have that flexibility. Is there a specific way to send in enhancement requests to Telus?