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Can not add channels on TV or on MyTelus


I am a new subscriber to Telus. I was installed on the 1st of August. I was recently trying to add the History Channel to my Optik TV line up, but when I go to the channel on Telus TV+ there is a message that I have to go to add the channel. 


When I go to mytelus, I can not see the channel anywhere to add. I called into support and they said it was part of the Premium pack world and beyond for $9 / month. When I click on that package it only shows Discovery and CTV Sci-fi. 


I checked all the other premium packs and none of them show the History channel in the packs. 


I tried the pick 5 and it is not available a la carte either. 


It also appears that there are several core channels that are missing, and when I called into support they said they can see them, but for some reason I can not and they don't know why.


TLDR: I can't add the history channel through my tv or the mytelus website or app. 



Hmmmm.....when I check this page I can see that there are 5 channels included in the " World and Beyond " theme pack: History, CTV Sci-Fi, Discovery, Discovery Science and Investigation Discovery.

That is what the representative said on the phone to me as well, but when I login to mytelus I do not see that. I offered to take screen shots and send them, but the representative refused. I have tried different computers, different browsers, dumped my cache, erased cookies, restarted, and I keep seeing the same screens. When I click on World and Beyond I only see Sci-Fi and discovery. 


A representative was able to add the history channel to my account over the phone, but while that allows me to watch the channel, it does not fix the issue of my online account. If I wish to modify my own Optik TV package, I am not able to online and will have to call each time.