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Aspect ratio keeps resetting on 4K Optik box

Just Moved In

I'm having the same problem as multiple people reported in old posts, specifically, that the aspect ration on my 4K Optik TV box keeps getting reset from "2160p 60Hz 4K" to "1080p High Definition" or sometimes to "Standard definition". I have not been able to find any resolution in any Support or Forum post. This is most annoying especially when it resets to SD. Manually changing the Aspect Ration in Settings back to "2160 60Hz 4K" resolves to issue but it randomly occurs again. I have had to correct it everyday this week when I power on the TV and Optik box.


I have tried changing HDMI cables, done multiple full system reboots, to no avail... the randomness continues.


Does anyone have any insight into what is causing this?




Community Power User
Community Power User

I've experienced issues when navigating the recordings menu and suddenly the screen size will change (fonts smaller or larger) for no apparent reason. Simply selecting a recording or going to a different menu fixes the issue. It doesn't happen often but it's persisted across various Optik boxes and TV's I've had over the years. I've never had issues when actually watching shows/recordings.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


There is a display setting, default is auto. Maybe pick the one you want.