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Anybody using Optik TV with alternate ISP?


Wondering if it is possible to use Optik TV with an alternate internet provider?  We currently have 25Mbps DSL for the TV and internet and Telus has no plans to install fiber into our neighborhood (rest of the town has it though).


We installed Starlink and are getting decent speeds, currently 150Mbps.  Wondering if it is possible to connect our Optik TV boxes to a third party router so we don't have to continue to pay for two internet services.



Community Power User
Community Power User

Optik is only available through a Telus internet connection. It will not work with third party providers.

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A couple years back I had Shaw cable internet alongside telus optik tv. I didn’t have a telus fibre connection at the time.
The only thing that didn’t work was accessing apps on the optik tv box. This included Netflix and prime video.

Hi Viperdiablo1, what router where you using?  Was it a Shaw supplied unit or one you setup?


Yep . I used the Shaw modem hooked up to the coax outlet. The telus modem was hooked up to the phone line. I had copper service at the time.