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All Recordings deleted after update


I have an Arris optik tv PVR box and I had been having issues with Recordings where the box would not record after a few weeks/months which made me have to restart the box by unplugging the Modem, PVR and Digital box and that would resolve the problem after a while but It happened again today and when i restarted the PVR box this time the system started to update (so i thought) There was a bar at the bottom of the screen after restarting with 2 gears at the top so i assumed that there was some kind of software update going on and once the box turned on my Channel was Already set to 1 (recordings channel) once it loaded i check on my recordings (which i had about 300 recordings saved up of stuff i wanted to keep on my system but were only taking up about half of the total storage) they were all completely gone! I went to check PVR Storage and it showed 0% used space - 100% Free space. The future recordings I had scheduled ( about 90 scheduled recordings are still there) but all the programs i had recorded are completely gone. What happened here and is there really no way to get the recordings back? This is a pretty frustrating situation here, not fun to have sports games and other stuff saved up from the last 2 years be gone completely in just a snap. Thinking of probably joining the cord cutting revolution going on and just going straight internet and maybe sub to netflix or something because this is ridiculous to have these constant problems and have your recordings dissapear wirhout notice.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Reach out to our Tech Support team at 1-888-811-2323 so they can look into recovering those programs!