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Accessing 4K on TELUS TV-21T

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I'm trying to watch content from my local network in 4K. But I can't seem to get the Telus box to display in anything over 1080p. This is the max resolution shown in the device settings. I'm using the HDMI cable provided with the box and The monitor is capable of displaying 4K. The content is local, so I shouldn't need a special subscription. Anyone have any ideas?
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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

You can access resolution settings from: Settings > Device settings > Device Preferences > Display. It's worth noting that very few channels broadcast in 4K; the 4K channels on Optik TV are:


591-Stingray Festival 4K, 593-Stingray Now 4K, 714-Love Nature 4K, 716-TravelXP 4K, 719-Nasa 4K, 727-Stingray Naturescapes, 905-TSN 4K, 920-SN 4K, 921-SN1 4K, 965-Inultra 4K and 968-Revel TV 4K.

Thanks for your response. Yes, when I go to those settings, the maximum resolution that shows is 1080p. And I'm not viewing channels, but rather a 4K video series on my local network through a third party app.

But even the interface doesn't display on the full width of my 21:9 ultrawide display....