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AGT series recordings

So another in the saga of series recordings issues.
Can't seem to consistently get episodes recorded of America Got Talent.
Set up series, and they either don't record or the series disappears.
Tonight,Jan 17, I saw the series was supposed to be set for the 5 pm broadcast on 210, but wasn't recording.
I found it airing on 101 at 8PM and pressed Record twice for a series.
When I double check the Scheduled, it showed it was set as 214 at 9 PM instead of 101 at 8 PM, what I originally chose.


now that the event has passed I can share the results and point out yet another failing of this system:

I set 2 recordings for AGT:Fantasy League S1E3 (as per the guide).

1-Series Channel 214, 1-Single Recording event channel 101.

What I ended up getting, 2 recordings 👍

Channel 101 was only 14 minutes 😡 !

Channel 214 was the full 2 hours,, but it was S1E1 😡 !!

I've attached the screen shots to show what the recordings show, and the guide listing at the time.


What The @#$# is going on with this system that you can't even rely on the integrity of the guide listing and what you select to record will actually get recorded !!

I'm getting sick and tired of constantly reporting flaws,,, how many layers of this rotten onion that have to be peeled back to get something functional ?



Taking this away for investigation! 

Any news on this ??
I would have thought with the detailed evidence I provided this would have been an easy find of the root cause...
Btw, the scheduled series disappeared again, so we are back to having to manually monitor and check up on our "scheduled" recordings to see if which randomly got removed.
P.s. Kind of defeats the purpose of "scheduling" if you still have to manually confirm.