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Two factor authentication

Just Moved In

I recently tried to setup 2-factor authentication on my account.  It failed every time simply saying "something went wrong".


I contacted support to see if they could resolve this and was told that because my wife and I each have a login to our family Telus account, 2-factor will only work attached to one number (it's worth noting the we don't yet have 2-factor working for any number).  So for example, I could login using my e-mail address, but the 2-factor code (if we could get it working) would go to my wife's mobile number.


This is not how MFA (multi-factor authentication) works.  MFA is predicated on basis of "something you know and something you have".  In this case, the something you know is your password, and the something you have is your mobile phone which will receive a code.


All that said, I'm not really convinced that the support person I talked to actually understood what 2-factor authentication was.  So my questions is ... Despite having more than one login to an account, can 2-factor only be setup on a single device?  




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! It's hard to be sure without having access to your online account settings. Reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook accounts so we can verify the account in order to get access to take a look, thanks!