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False advertising, Irregular data charge, Bad data switch practice


Yeah, as a fresh mobile customer of Telus, I'm not sure where to start. Maybe chronologically.

  1. I get an email from Telus, offering me mobile plans starting at $25/month, after a $10 monthly credit is applied. That was based on Text & Talk plan, officially called "Voice 35-Unlimited Nationwide" which is $35 per month on regular base. Ha, looking into the bill, the credit is $8.93 which is $10 before the tax. This has not been mentioned anywhere in the offer, including the small print. There is no way to make the math with such lie, and make this plan be $25/month before the tax or any other charge. So, Telus this is a big thumb down for you.
  2. After getting the account setup, and a mobile phone active, I log in and I see a green switch to turn off the data from within the online account. So I turn it OFF. Ha, ha... (sarcastically). The next month I see the charge for data. Telus turns the data switch back ON without my consent, every 1st of the month. OMG! I call and I talk to a rep, so I get it as it follows: Permanent data OFF. How can you even charge an account that has no data in the plan? Plus, I ask for a credit for the current data charge which he promised to nullify. Yet, the next billing cycle, and the data charge is still on the bill. Second big thumb down for Telus.
  3. Kind of overlapping with the 2., but it does need a separate mention. The green button that turns data ON and OFF in the online account. Where do you find the reason for going against my will to turn it ON on my behalf, without asking me? Do you ever turn it OFF for people? Third big thumb down as I see this as a stealing, plain English.

I called in again today, and fired out all of the above. I'm waiting for what they are going to do. I post this as I am very unhappy with how Telus treats my brain. Shame on you big company. Know that I have other choices and even the choice of not having the phone at all.


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Community Power User
On point number 1, the tax man wants their slice on the $35. There was a tax decision some years ago which changed the taxation based on whether the offer was a rebate, or a reduction in the price. While I agree claiming the service is $25 instead of $35 with a $10 rebate is disingenuous, trying to describe it otherwise is difficult as well.
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If the offer stated a $10 credit then bill is correct. The definition of a credit is a reduction in the balance owing after tax. In the end was your amount owing $10 less than what it would be without it?


If the offer stated a $10 discount then the bill is not correct. The definition of a discount is a reduction in price. Normally unless explicitly stated prices are before tax.


This is basic accounting.

Can you please then do the math and make my $35/month plan be $25/month after that credit is applied? All is before the tax.

The advertisement stated my plan would be $25/month after the $10 credit.



I don't know the wording of the offer. This is why I replied for 2 different scenarios. Can you post the exact wording from the email?

Get a TELUS mobility plan with unlimited nationwide calling and texting
starting at
That's after you receive a $10 monthly bill credit, just
for being a Home Services customer.2



1. Taxes and pay-per-use charges (including long distance, roaming and additional airtime or additional data) are extra. The cost of voice service used while roaming outside Canada will vary by zone. Currently, voice roaming in the US is charged at $1.50/minute.Visit for details. Plus applicable provincial or municipal government 911 fees in Nova Scotia (43¢), PEI (70¢), New Brunswick (53¢), Saskatchewan (94¢), Quebec (46¢), Alberta (44¢), and Newfoundland and Labrador (75¢). Premium and subscription messages are not included. Text messages sent from Canada to a non-Canadian phone number will be charged at 40¢/message. Text messages sent while roaming outside of Canada will be charged at 60¢/message. Visit for details. Multimedia messaging used while outside of Canada is charged as data roaming. Messages sent using iMessage may incur data charges. Rates and offers are subject to change without notice. For any subscriber(s) with a Canada-US plan, roaming pay-per-use charges only apply when roaming outside Canada and the US. Additional data usage on Simple Share plans will be charged at $10/100 MB. The cost of data used while roaming outside Canada will vary by zone. Visit for details. Tethering included on all Simple Share plans. Tethering included to high-speed threshold for Peace of Mind plans.

2. Limited time offer. Offers subject to change without notice. Available to TELUS residential customers who are subscribed to any Home Solution service(s) who activate on a talk and text plan. Offer only available to the primary subscriber of the account. Cannot be combined with promotional offers other than offers in this advertisement. A $10/mo. discount will apply to the monthly rate plan for as long as the customer meets eligibility requirements. A one-time $40 connection fee applies per line. Discount will be removed if customer no longer meets eligibility requirements.




From all of the above, the plan should be $25/month plus taxes. yet, nobody can make that math work, if the real credit before the tax is $8.93.

Well that's confusing. The offer uses both "discount" and "credit". I think the marketing department needs to consult with the accounting department before they send out these offers.


How the data switch works is clearly explaned.