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I am looking at options for renewing my EPP plan. I’m curious as to why the device cost with EPP is the same as without EPP, and over Christmas it was actually $5 more with the EPP “discount”. Also on the consumer site the $45 connection fee is waived if purchased online plus there is a $55 bill credit but EPP has neither of these offers. While I understand that the plans are offered at a discount that shouldn’t mean that everything els is more. I spent close to an hour on the phone with customer service, he was rude and argumentative and not at all helpful. Even though I asked several times to speak with someone from loyalty or a supervisor he never did allow it. I’m dreading having to phone back so any suggestions would be helpful. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

EPP is a stream totally separate from the regular consumer offerings. In many cases it is managed by Telus suppliers, who also manage the corporate sales plans eg. Tom Harris in BC. You can choose either stream, but you can't mix and match.


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