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Data top up

Just Moved In
I'm curious what the difference it between the 2GB top-up for $35 and the 2GB top-up CE for $40 besides the $5 of course. Can't seem to find what the EF is the CE

Community Power User
Community Power User

Can you share links to where you are seeing these options?


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When I am using the Telus app to check out my account overview right under the data used and calendar of how many days until the new billing cycle there is an option to top uo data. When I click it there are add on 3 options
$40 2GB Sharable data top-up CE
$35 2GB Sharable data top-up
$25 1GB Sharable data top-up

Just Moved In
I contacted Telus Support on Twitter, here is what they told me:
The $35 one is the applicable rate for adding it online. If an agent will add it for you, it will be $40.