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Telus Reward "Special" Bonus flaws


I just got a flyer in the mail letting me know about Telus Rewards. It says that if I activate my Rewards account I will get 30 points. What it doesn't say is that those 30 points are actually "Bonus" points as described below:


According to there are three "Special" Bonuses available:


Enrollment activation bonus - Activate your TELUS Rewards account by logging into your My TELUS. You’ll earn 10 points to get you started.

10 points


Enrollment activation bonus tenure - A tenure bonus to show appreciation that you've been a TELUS home services customer for over 2 years.

20 points


Pre-authorized payment - Sign up for pre-authorized bill payment

5 points


The 30 "activation" points are really only the first two "bonus" points combined. While poorly described, that's not really a problem. The problem is that you only get 5 points for signing up for pre-authorized payments. If you're already on pre-authorized payments you don't get bonus points.


How hard would it be to automatically award the whopping 5 bonus points if I'm already on pre-auth? And what if I have both my Home and Mobility accounts on pre-auth? Shouldn't I get 5 + 5 points?


This is the same sort of treatment where new customers get better deals than existing customers, only on a smaller scale.