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Telus Credit Card processing fee


I found out about this from


If this is the case going forward, can I get back paper billing so that I can make payments through the bank?

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You are aware Canadian consumers already pay the most in North America for cellphone service…and you wanna charge me 1.5% just to pay you guys…you are aware I’m just gonna leave at the end on my contract if you try doing this right? You already get a massive amount of money each month from me more then any other place in North America.

Like seriously screw the heck off Telus, you taking credit cards is the cost of business stop trying to pass the cost to consumers you cheap hosers.

I couldn't agree more. Such a stupid visual to present to the market. Talk about "nickle and diming" us. I'm sorry... how much were Telus' profits last year? And you want to pass 1.5% along to us? Just hide it like everyone else does and shut up about it. So annoying hearing a big, rich corporation whining about credit card fees.

100% agree with that I’m gonna look around for a new cellphone company when my contract is done as this behaviour disgusts me

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I use my CC'd for on time payments. Now Telus (a billion dollar company) wants to charged us 1.5% to do this.

I've read through-out this website that it may take 3-5 days before Telus will receive my payment.

I'm just wondering, to pay my bill on time do I have to pay 3-5 days before it's due so I'm not charged a late fee? Or can I pay online or go to my bank the day my bill is due or how does that work? Either way Telus is still making money and charging us $$ while making us jump through hoops to pay for non person service. Telus probably gets a pretty good tax break because of the billions they suck out of their customers.

The saying, The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Stay Poor definitley applies here.

In these times of everythng going digital (we've all been told to go that way), the service & convienece of payment has now been taken away. We call in for support or chat online and we usually are on hold for 30 mins or give a call back number. By the time you hear a humans voice, support doesn't know what to do as the screen doesn't have an answer for the question. Telus wants us to pay online but their way.

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Oh my God. How much money do you need to make off of us. Phone, cell phone, internet, tv , home security, heath watch. Please! give me a break! You have to run an automated transaction every month.  Maybe you should talk to your credit card company that has already increase their interest fees. Total greed.

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Just got your Credit Card Processing Fee Email. That's very upsetting. It's not like Telus is operating close to the line and can't absorb the buck a payment charge. And what about the client convenience? It's really unjustifiable and after 22 plus years with Telus, I have to now rethink my loyalty over such a ridiculous money grab. I can afford it. It's the principal and there is lots of competition out there that will be happy to have my account and those of my family and my friends.

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I'd like to send an email to Telus about the email they just sent me about the new credit card processing fee, but I can't find an email on their website for complaints!  And I don't have an hour to hold on the phone for customer service.  So hopefully someone from Telus reads this.  This money grab of credit card processing fees is shameless.  I'll be looking for a new provider if this policy isn't retracted.  On principle alone.  

I will also be looking to cancel my services with telus just because they are being petty.  They want to be petty, I will show them petty...I have 4 cell phone lines..I hope that 1.5% makes up for the $400/month they are going to lose.


One of the carriers will do this despite it being unpopular (Telus in this case).  The others will follow suit and everyone will be charging it.  I don't agree with it, and I don't like it, but I don't see another carrier that has pledged not to do it either....maybe it one carrier could promise to not charge a 1.5% credit card fee, not fire accomplished female journalists, and not have their network go offline for a day or more, we could all go to that one...but one could leave Telus on the premise that "they did it first"...however, the bottom line is that one wants decent mobile services.

Thats perfectly fine..Bell uses the exact same network at Telus as they built the HSPA network together and I will go direct payment as well if the other carriers follow suit, but at the end of the day Telus was first one to be petty, therefore I will make sure they pay the price for being cheap assholes.

If you don't think your bills already include an embedded credit card carrying charge already, you don't understand how business's price things.


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So I plan to switch to paper billing again to make them have to mail me my bills and I want to switch to the most expensive method for them to receive my payment in protest to the charge to credit card payments (all this until I see if every telcom follows suit - if someone does not I will switch to them eventually).  


I thought paper billing and paying by check would be the most labour and cost-intensive for them - is there a better way to cost them more?  I assume check processing vs money order processing is the same cost for rage is real.


Any thoughts?

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Listen to your customers. We do not want your bogus 1.5% credit fee charge. You are not losing money. You've already budgeted the credit card charge for this many years. And if you didn't, then someone needs to get fired, not charge your customers to break even, which isn't the case because you are doing this to make more profit out of doing nothing to add to your services to your customers. You are not a small business, mom-and-pop-store, who are trying to survive in this down turn economy, but that's who you are sucking the life out of from, like the many leeches we unfortunately cannot live without already. Be the company you say you are. The future is not friendly by charging this 1.5%.

Agreed - cost of administering credit card payments is a business expense, passing this cost on to customers is just a cash grab.

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Unbelievable you want to add this to an already outrageously expensive plan. I will not pay it and will switch back to paper Billings just to add cost to Telus. Whichever company doesn’t pursue this cash grab will get my business.

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hi there I will go moving to bell if this is put on to my bill and I and my wife have been with Telus for 8 years may be more but I will be moving 

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When I first went paperless with TELUS, I was encouraged to pay by credit card and no fee was charged. This seems to be another money-grab and as a Retired TELUS Employee, I am not happy that my previous employer has chosen this route. 

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When I first went "Paperless", I was encopuraged to pay by credit card at no extra charge.. it was a convenient way to pay the bill and everyone was happy. Now, all of a sudden, TELUS has decided to charge a convenience fee; seems like a money-grab to me. As a TELUS Retiree, I find this another slap in the face. Once upon a time, TELUS was a Service Driven Company whom I was proud to represent, now TELUS is Profit Driven. I was once a PROUD Retiree... now, I am just a Retiree.