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Something went wrong trying to update internet plan and contract


I have been trying to update my internet plan since my contract expired recently. I keep getting "looks like something went wrong, please try again" over and over again. Cleared cookies and cache, tried another device etc, etc.

I really don't want to call but am afraid I will have to. 

I finally got the chat bot to try and connect me to a real agent and got thies:

Please hold while we connect you to an agent.
All of our agents are currently serving other customers.
Queue position: 31
This is more of a rant than a question, I am thoroughly unimpressed. I have even tried the contact a manager option a week ago and never received a response. 
Looks like I have to call and subject myself to a sales pitch. Rogers is actually looking like a good option today.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@sandmanbc71 Did you get to speak to an agent. 

@dru I gave up after a few minutes, it stayed at #31 the whole time. I know I have the option to request a call back, which is what I will probably do this week. I was just hoping to do this without talking on the phone.

More bothersome is the lack of response from here:
I entered my issues twice now. Despite being told I would receive a response within 1 business day, I have yet to receive any form of acknowledgement.