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Scam Survey


Hey people.  Just a friendly head's up.  I was over on the Telus web site and it asked me if I wanted to do a survey when I was done.  Meh... why not.  Typical Telus satisfaction survey.  


Then a bit later I was on a slightly sketchy web site and downloaded an MP3 ring tone.  Next thing I see another Telus survey pop up.  Needy much Telus?  What's with you today?  But the site looked very legit - just like the last survey I took.  Maybe I forgot to close a window or something?  But this time I got a free Note 10.  Mmm... Ok... I could use a Note 10.  One question in I happened to notice the survey URL was BellRewardsMe  


Wait a second... Bell and Telus don't team up to survey me about Telus.  And nobody is handing out free Note 10's - Telus is super cheap!  This smells like a SCAM!  So I quickly closed the browser window then just to be safe I tossed the laptop out the window (just kidding).


A bit of googling later I found the fake Telus survey a fairly well known scam where they get you to "only pay for shipping" which usually runs you about $180 - $350.  And of course you get nothing.


So watch out for fake Telus surveys.  And probably don't do the real ones either just to be safe.



Darkbob  Filled out several telus surveys several days after i talked with them no problems. Did you report (foreword) the weird survey to telus at ([email protected])

Nope.  No time.  I was too busy drilling a hole in my hard drive to stop the virus from infecting my network.  🙂


But next time I'll be sure to do that.  Thanks for the info.  I didn't know Telus had an email for reporting abuse like that.