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Door to Door Sales Scam


A few days ago, a Telus door-to-door representative cold called and convinced me to add Netflix and Amazon Prime to my internet account. My bill before adding these services was $99 before tax, and he said the new amount would be $107 before tax. Today, on Christmas Eve when there is no support available, Telus conveniently sent me an updated bill showing the charges were $144 plus tax - significantly more than I agreed to. I made sure in the activation phone call to confirm the price of $107, which the sale rep did do.


What's the best way to get Telus to fix the obvious lie in their pricing without spending hours on hold?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Any chance you can share a screenshot of your bill (while blanking out the personal info such as name, phone, number, address, and account number) so that we can take a look at the breakdown?