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I have been a Telus customer for several years but have recently experienced difficulty with monthly billing. Six months ago Telus just stopped billing me for TV and four months ago they stopped billing me for all of my home services which they continue to provide. I have talked to several people about the issue including managers with the Loyalty Dept. but I still can't get Telus to send me an e-bill for Home Services the way they had done for years prior to this problem. I have run out of options for ways to communicate with Telus and would like to know if anyone can suggest who I might try to contact and how in order to get this billing issue resolved. I had one person suggest that I should contact CRTC to voice my concern but I don't know if that would be my best solution.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Marley22 Had the manager closed the case and indicated there was nothing more they can do or is it still being worked on?

It is still being worked on but it started being worked on in October.