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sick of waiting on hold

Just Moved In

Can you please hire more people to answer the phones.  I shouldn't have to wait over 20 minutes and counting to speak to someone about my bill.


eta: 30 minutes and counting on hold now.


I wrote an email last week explaining my problem to try to at least get someone to call me to avoid all this and it just went straight ignored.


Just Moved In

That's exactly what I told the chat rep when I was done.  Telus need to hire more people for support.  Shaw wait times are far far less

Just Moved In

I waited just over an hour on hold today before I hung up.  I am trying to activate a new sim so I can use my new phone.  What the heck?  I’ve basically been sent and paid for equipment that I can’t even use because there’s not enough people to take the calls. I’ll have to try again tomorrow, but this is ridiculous service for a freaking new account.

Hiring more people isn't going to happen.  The minimum wage jump is to blame for the cuts and it isn't going to be any better until they return to outsourcing customer service to third world nations full time.