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When is One UI 6.1 coming to telus for s21 ultra

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When is One UI 6.1 coming to telus for s21 ultra?

Community Manager
Community Manager

There's no definitive date yet, and looking at the official forums it appears that the S21 may not be getting it. I know the S23 just got it, but not entirely sure.


edit: Looking here it seems that it may be getting it, but with no AI feature.


The link posted by the Community Manager is on the EU forum. You want to check back regularly in the Samsung beds app under Community, which will give you more region specific posts and forum sections for Canada. You can find the Samsung Members app in the Galaxy Store.

Being an older device, the s22 series will get their update first because it is a year newer. Major updates are developed for the latest devices first and then the devs work their way backwards to the previous year, then the year before that, etc.