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Hey so I bought 2 new phone online and got the Black Friday deal I got the iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung galaxy s8 but it has been 5 days and my order still says processing I tried called the web store I even emailed them but no answer can anyone help me I really need these phones. Does anyone know how long it will take?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday is a busy time for Telus, so a few days delay is not unexpected. If you’ve not heard by end of business day Monday, a call to the Web store might be in order.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Amber, can you send me a PM with your order number? The web team will be back on Monday, but I can take a look to see what its status is for you.

I have already tracked my order numbers multiple times it says processing your order you should get it in 3-5 days it has now been over a week

Listen I’m not stupid k I know how to check my status so if you could kindly stop asking me that would be great because imma bout to loose my **bleep** on the next person who tells me it’s processing when I ordered it over a week ago thanks 




You understand that Dan was just trying to help? Yet you jump right down his throat? Perhaps it's you who needs a bit of a reality check here.


I have ordered many devices from the web store. Some ship and arrive within 2-3 days, some have taken a few weeks. I have a pending order still too but am being patient given the time of the year. If you need a device same day, go to a Telus store. The in-store service for me has always been spectacular.

I too have been waiting and trying to get a hold of someone. I tried emailing numerous of times, to get no reply. I've tried calling only to get told the store is closed ... and I am calling during the times it says to call (between 9am and 9pm ET). I tried all morning today and got the same notification saying it was closed. I tried using the online chat and they couldn't help  me. I have left a voicemail, no reply. They have charged my credit card, so the next step if I don't I hear anything soon would be to contact my credit card company to notify them of a possible scam. This is my first experience with TELUS and I have a feeling it will be my last.

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I have the exact same problem.