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Hi, I just registered here at the neighborhood. My question is that if possible to ask for the code to telus and unlock my moto g3 but I'm here in Philippines my aunt is currently having a vacation here and she give me this mobile but I can't use another simcard here in Philippines, I ask her and she said it was activated by Telus.
Thank you in advance to who ever can answer my question and hope this would reach the Telus company.
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If your aunt got the phone from Telus, she will have to get it unlocked through her online account. If she does not have an active Telus account, she will have to call Telus and the toll free number won't work in the Philippines. (1-866-558-2273) The phone might still need active service on the SIM to properly unlock though.


See: https://www.telus.com/en/bc/support/article/unlock-mobile-device

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If you are in a rush a local vendors should be able to unlock the phone for a fee, or you could purchase  a code of of ebay. 


Your aunt could call the telus toll free number using Skype, the call should  be free.