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TELUS Easy Roam


I don't know why Telus refuses to provide me with the Telus Easy Roam service for my postpaid mobility service. Yes, I do have an old plan. Telus tries to tell me that the service is not compatible but that is blatantly false because I once spoke with a very helpful rep (rare) who added it for me for a trip but still refused to add on the service on a permanent basis, notwithstanding the fact that this is a pay per use service. I suspect that what they really want is to have me migrate to a more expensive plan at which point, I would be able to add the service or force me into an expensive "travel passport" to get the equivalent service at an exorbitant rate. Telus should offer its add-on services for all and not pick and choose who can get service on a pay per use plan, particularly when dealing with loyal and longstanding customers. I have an EPP account (business personal) and while the rates for the regular service is good, roaming (in the U.S.) options are pathetic. I am not sure why Telus ignores this potential revenue stream. It is not inexpensive where at $12/day, the rate for one week would exceed my regular monthly bill. I suppose it is easier just to add a 1.50% credit card fee to everyone's bill.