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T-Up Discrepancies

Just Moved In

Hello everybody, was just wondering if anybody else has had issues dealing with Telus regarding the T-Up plan. I purchased it the first day it was available when the Iphone 5s was released. At the time the deal was that the purchaser buys Applecare and then is enrolled in T-Up for the year with no additional fees, then is able to get a new device with the balance of the old one forgiven after 12 months. Since it is getting close to exactly one year I stopped by a store and inquired. They told me because I was not paying 10 dollars a month I was not on T-Up even though that wasnt the original deal. I then called the loyalty department and they told me I only payed for Applecare even though that was the original offer. What incensed me the most was the denial of the original deal and them telling me I was wrong. I was never contacted to be told the deal had changed and that my original offering was no longer valid. I also was not offered a refund on my Applecare purchase. Any advice?


Also, here is an email sent out from the corporate office to all Telus stores that specifically states that no monthly fee is required, which was sent when I purchased my phone.




Just Moved In

Hi there, I received a couple different sources of information from the sales staff at my local telus store.  I was told to talk to a manager.  I also have printed any relevant information pertaining to the T-UP! program.  Did you receive an email from telus stating you are eligible for the program?  I did, and will be bringing that with me too when i get my new phone.  Best of luck to you

Just Moved In

You had to upgrade within months 13 & 14 only with that program it was new to Telus.  I had it and upgraded with no issues whatsoever.