Switching from a prepaid to postpaid plan online?



I am having trouble purchasing the 75$ peace of mind plan online (with bring your own device). I currently have a prepaid plan with Telus. When going through the website I am prompted to log out and create a new mobility account (like this: https://imgur.com/a/zzX9hYI). Once I log out I'm left with this screen: https://imgur.com/a/LBlwhzF.


If I click "Pick your options" I'm left with this sceen: https://imgur.com/a/NJEv4Wg.  The bottom half of the screen doesn't seem to load so I cant do anything. I tried this both in chrome and firefox and got the same result.


If I click "Change Plan" under "I'm an existing mobility customer" and try to check out  the system won't let the purchase go through as I already have a Telus number.


J'ai le service minimum à 10$ par mois et il n'est pas adapté à mes besoins. J'ai souvent payé pour une année complète à 100$ et après un mois ou deux, après avoir trop parler, le compte était déjà vide. J'ai aussi des problèmes avec mon mot de passe que mon ordinateur mémorise et peux me le rappeler à volonté. Là aussi la plateforme de Telus est vraiment défectueuses. Malgré tout ce soutient, on me dit Désolé, vous n'avez pas le bon mot de passe de sorte que je ne peux pas me connecter et choisir un bon forfait. SVP aidez-moi!


@450-661-1012  Log into your account and when it says  ( FORGOT  PASSWORD )  click that and follow prompts and you can enter a new password. Never store your passwords on the computer.  Polecat

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  Prepaid and postpaid are two totally different tracks. Have you tried to login as though a new customer? Once you have received your new SIM and plan, you would then port your current number from prepaid to your new account.


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I was also frustrated that I couldn’t switch online to a monthly plan, and I believe it’s by design. They give you a low end SIM card and shotty service (even if your in the middle of the city!) I’ll bet you have to get a new SIM card to switch to a monthly plan...
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What is a low end SIM card? They’re all manufactured the same. Doesn’t  matter if post or prepaid. As for shotty service depends where you’re in any city, there are reception issues. All depends what carrier you’re with, tower location etc. 

When telcos offer services to their often flankier cheeky brands they use the same towers. Perhaps Koodo would be a better fit.

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