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Service down

Just Moved In
My calling services in or out going has been down for weeks in my area. Outage maps show that all is well. Nice phone nice area no service P0J 1N0

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm not seeing an on-going issue for the areas covered by that postal code. Would you know of anyone else sharing the same issues? If so, have you (or others) reported this to the technical support team yet?

I have been told by friends that others are having the problem also. What makes it hard is communication. I cant call out or recieve calls or listen to voice mails in my box.
My service had been working ok then we had a snow storm and apparently there were some damages at my tower south of Latchford. I called the Telus store and they confirmed problems at the tower.We definatly need an investigation in to the very poor signal in our area. My only connection is 10 km south of my home.
Im wondering if Telus entered a code against my account after my credit card lapsed...but then again i cant talk with telus