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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Asurion

Just Moved In

This is a long one so strap in.
In August of 2022 I upgraded to the Z Fold 4 and I loved it, however in December of 2023 after a flight home from Halifax I folded open my phone to discover it wasn't laying flat anymore (Which it was laying flat on the flight while I watched a movie and folded it up when the plane was landing and put the phone in my pocket) so I filed a claim through my Telus Device Care Complete which of course leads you to Asurion. Asurion only gave me the option to replace the whole phone for $610 which to me is unacceptable, I am not made of money here... the phone works fine other than the fact that it won't lay flat when opened. Upon calling Asurion they started gaslighting me into saying that this is the only option and there is no way on earth to repair or replace the hinges, so I asked them to connect me to Telus and they did, Telus found this unnacceptable and said to go find a Mobile Klinik and tell them I have a Telus Device Care plan and ask for a quote. I haven't gone to the Mobile Klinik yet sadly as I have been working 12 hour days and OT work and Telus said they were going to have to put Asurion under investigation for their complete lack of help but have not heard any word back on that yet. I know it is way later than when I originally filed the claim now but I will be getting a quote from Mobile Klinik this week for a repair cost and can hopefully update here if I remember. But all of this to say what is even the point of paying 15$ a month for device care on my bill if Telus can't even get me more help with this or get it fixed. Before they did their repairs through Asurion it was so much easier, I have only had one phone break a long time ago and it was shattered and they sent me a new replacement ASAP and I only paid $15 ...this is a minor repair...Telus...drop Asurion...they are garbage...



I have not heard ofany positive experiences when it comes to Assurant and Asurion. Have you contacted Samsung to see what they would charge for the repair? If the device is less than a year old since purchase. It might be covered under warranty. Stay far away from these device insurance plans and save that money for a new device or to repair or replace one, if ever necessary.