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SMS forwarding we need this feature!!

Friendly Neighbour
This feature would really help me I think it's important that Telus considers adding it. Rogers offers it
Features such as forward to another number , forward to email.


 Welcome-@jf: Hey! cool nick, simple as 1,2.. Regarding your question to be honest I don't know if Telus-it has this feature to apply to its Cellphones, but you can find out by calling *611 or Log In <>


If your Phone is operated by Android. You can download an App from Google Store, called [SMS-Forwarding (Free)] This App it works in the Telus-Network. You can Downloaded, from the GoogleStore. The Download is simple, just follow these steps:


1) SMS-Forwarding: 1) Open Google Store >Search for SMS-Forwarding >Tap the correct entry for the App >Tap-Download

> Tap-Accept & download.

                          2) Configuration-Main Screen: Enable forwarding > Tap-enable >Forward with SMS: Enable via SMS (the other option is forward via email) >Destination Number >Tap+enter the forwarding Phone# for the SMS/msges (Include area-code)

and you're ready to send SMS/msges. Good luck "v9"

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

This might be an interesting idea for their idea page (

iPhone power user