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S23Ultra Telus 5G not working at all...

Friendly Neighbour
There you go.. S23 Ultra (not a phone issue) Telus 5G deal (not a network issue)
No 5G at all...Only LTE+ or less... I tried everything! Network Reset, switch sim, hard reboot, etc... To no avail....

Community Power User
Community Power User

Is it possible you are in an area without 5G coverage?


5G and 4G LTE, HSPA+ & LPWA network coverage map | TELUS

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

100% 5g!

If you are in am area you know has 5G. Is the device purchased from Telus? If not. Are you sure it supports the n66 or whatever 5G band is deployed where you are trying to use it? If your SIM is more than a few years old. You might want to replace the SIM to see if that resolves it or convert your pSIM to an eSIM.

Friendly Neighbour
How to know if it's n66 friendly???

What is the model number of the device? As an example, mine is a SM-S918U. You can find that under About Phone in Settings.

Friendly Neighbour

That model has a lot of versions. Under Settings, About Phone, Software Version. What is the Service Provider Software Version? As an example, mine is TMB/TMB/XAA/XAU. Is the device dual-pSIM (pSIM is physical SIM) or 1 pSIM and 1 eSIM?

Friendly Neighbour
Something like TPA/TPA, TPA/TPA

Dual Sim.

That is a South American Panama unbranded model. Most South American Samsung devices are not very compatible with Canada or US carriers. Your best bet is to explore XDA to see if it is possible to enable the engineering menu, if it exists on that model. That would allow you to enable bands through software as long as the traces are not physically cut on the devices main board, which Samsung does do in some regions. South American versions are among the most least desirable along with the Chinese model, because they are extra locked down from soft modding.

An interesting thing I was able to find out about the Panama/Latin America edition of the device. It does support b/n66 but, and here is the caveat. It does not support b/n66 AWS 1700/2100. It only supports b/n66 1700. This makes it incompatible for that band, which is the primary deployment for Telus. The same applies to the model for China. Both also do not contain the anchor band, b/n4.