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Pan-provincial Porting Problems?


What's the word on moving from one province to another?


- will TELUS move my device from an Ontario service address to a BC service address?  Any restrictions?

- will TELUS port my number between provinces (e.g., use a 416 number as a "local" number in the 250)?  Any restrictions?

- will doing either of the above be a PITA or cost me more money?


Or in other words, is it going to cause me any grief if I get a new phone now but move in 2022?  


I'd ask directly, but the online call centre isn't available.





Community Power User
Community Power User

Porting numbers between provinces cannot be done. Area codes and NXXs are assigned to specific geographic regions in Canada only. Numbers with area codes and/or NXXs outside the local calling area will always be long distance when called.


I've come across plenty of people that have phone numbers from their old province of residence in a new province simply by bringing their cell phone here. Some are temporarily here for work, others have been here for years. I'm not sure if they have to keep a billing address in their old province but for some I know they did. Most I never bothered asking.


As for cost, that you'd have to check with Telus. Some provinces have different rates than others, especially if you're on an older plan, or from MB/SK. If you just brought your phone to BC without changing anything, including mailing address, the cost would likely not change. Speaking with someone directly at Telus would be the best thing to do.

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All pretty much what I expected - I was hoping maybe things had gotten easier in the 20+ years since my move to ON from BC.  Thanks for the quick reply.