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No service or data

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Ever since hurricane Fiona hit NS, I have had horrible....I mean horrible!...service. I was able to answer and receive calls before at my house, now I'm unable. With no cell service, my data is no good either. Even on my way to work I have two areas that have completely no service coverage, which is scary considering I'm in rural NS and who knows when you might be in an accident and need service!! For the cost of my monthly plan, I'd expect MUCH better quality of service. And when I try for technical support, I'm given a phone number. Tell me how I'm suppose to call when I have no service!? The virtual assistant is a joke for this scenario as it gave me the number to call. I purchased my phone in August 2022, with the cell service the way it is currently my battery life is less than a day because it is constantly searching. I'm so annoyed.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you have internet at home? You might try using Wi-Fi calling.


If Telus equipment was damaged during Fiona, it may take some time to repair or replace it.

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