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Need a support email to get refund for a feature they never told me cost $

Just Moved In

I ended service with Telus a while ago, but just got my final bill that charges me $30 for call-forwarding for 2 weeks, but I had no idea the service cost money when I started using that feature.


I searched my email inbox for an email from Telus sent the day I set up call-forwarding through my online account, but it appears they never bothered to inform me that the feature cost money at all.


You can't charge customers for a feature without letting them know that it does cost money, and precisely how much it cost. Obviously, I would not have enabled it if I expected to pay $30 for 2 weeks of using it.


I want this taken off my final bill immediately, but the support people I have talked to have been useless.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, just following up on this. Have you spoken with our Mobility team to get this looked into yet?