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Mobile data stability, pricing, customer agreement has been gone

10+ years with telus
3 lines
Always current phones
After getting 2nd iPhone 15 Promax I got my family discount taken away. Due to something not qualified for something bla bla bla.
Spent 3h34m on phone with very nice girls from Guatemala by repeating myself over and over again, that it's not fair to take discounts away from customers who have just committed to services for another 2 years....
At first offer was half of the discount back and 15 dollar plan change fee and high speed data limit with 50gb LESS and not at 2gbs but the lower one they have. Absolute nonsense.
After such long time spent on phone, kept the same amount of data, same speed, no plan change fee, 10$ a month total discount. Ok......I've said it before and guess what.....I'm saying it again "telus, burn in he'll" after these phones are done, there's nothing you can do to keep me as customer, unless you pay me $360 a month.
After getting all of these "amazing loyalty discounts". Now my data connection has mind of its own......
I get voice-mails with no missed calls.....
Covered is just an absolute disgrace.
Whoever read this to the end, don't give your money to this company

Community Manager
Community Manager

We're sorry to hear about your recent experience. We truly value our long-term customers and it’s disheartening to know that you’ve had such a frustrating time. Please send a private message to @TELUS_Support  with your account details so we can review your situation in detail.

Hi. Can you provide phone number for me to call you directly

I'll send you a message


- Eric