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I deleted my eSIM


I got a new phone and I successfully transferred all my data to the new phone. When I was going to transfer my SIM card over, it gave me the option to convert my SIM to an eSIM. I did so without really reading what would happen so I did not know that the eSIM would deactivate my physical SIM. The problem is I accidentally deleted the eSIM and now I cannot access my phone to make any calls because the physical SIM is now useless. I called a live agent who told me they do not know how to help me which was incredibly frustrating. I just need to know what my options are, how do I reactivate my physical SIM or recover my deleted eSIM?


Community Manager
Community Manager

A deleted eSIM is unrecoverable as it has been erased and not stored anywhere (it's the equivalent of throwing a physical SIM into the garbage). The only option there would be to purchase a new eSIM.


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