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Good afternoon, I have been trying to rectify a situation since Tuesday November 22, 2022 at 9:30. I am a fully serviced Telus client and also recently moved my corporate phone over from Rogers. The corporate plan became a personal plan at Telus. On Tuesday November 22 I phoned Telus to move to the corporate side. Joseph was very helpful and secured me a plan, but didn’t provide an Account number. He also indicated that I needed to be transferred to the consumer side for instructions on how to send back my personal phone that I obtained 21 days earlier from Telus. I waited another 90 minutes on hold, only to be told I had to be transferred back to corporate. I then had Jay at Corporate who was very helpful but again said I had to go back to consumer side. After several frustrating days on hold I was able to reach the consumer side yesterday and told to drop my phone off at a store or send back to Telus via Canada Post. I went to the Telus store in Calgary and they stated they were an “ independent” store and couldn’t accept. I really can’t tell you how frustrating this experience has been with Telus. I do understand it’s been busy with Black Friday sales but the level of customer service and the lack of escalation process has been downright disappointing. Can someone please contact me to provide guidance on this issue.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I suggest you reach out to Telus through their social media at TELUSSupport on Twitter, or through their Facebook page.


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I was in a similar situation, being frustrated trying to reach someone. I tried sending a DM on twitter and never received any reply. I reach out on Facebook and someone did contact me. However, they advised that they needed to know what financial institution I banked with, and then asked me to install a desktop anywhere app so that they could “verify me”. I declined and went to a corporate Telus Store. They advised that they were unaware of Telus support on Facebook and said that they would not recommend doing what they suggested.

I’m not saying there isn’t Telus support available but it didn’t work for me.


That is exactly my experience over the last few days. It should be such a simple job and probably one that could be handled by the automated system. The fact that it is so complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming says so much about the state of the TELUS support desk. I guess I should feel fortunate that I only had to spend four and a half hours on my similar request.