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Fido cancelling number that was moved to Telus?

Just Moved In

Used Fido prepaid before moving my number to a contract with Telus one year ago, all working fine since then. Today I received a robot call from Fido telling me that my number might be cancelled and I should reach out to them. Didn't look like a scam call.


Am I the one missing something, or is Fido just not keeping tracking properly of their numbers?


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @danielps normally prepaid numbers hold for 90 days before they would get cancelled.  Since your service is active with us over a year ago I would be surprised they would now cancel your service.  I would advise to be cautious, there are a lot of phishing calls that sound authentic but are scams.


Possibly they are trying to win back your business by offering an special deal for returning customers.  

Just Moved In
Red flag 1: Robot voice
Red flag 2: You are currently NOT having a contract with Fido.

It's highly probable that it was a scam call. Stay safe out there.