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EPP Not Activated

Just Moved In
2 years ago my wife and I got two phones under the bring it back program. At the time we the sales person stated we qualified for the exclusive partner program (EPP) which would give us a 30% discount off of our bill.
A month ago we upgraded our phones and found that the EPP was never applied to our account and telus will not apply it now unless we pay off our two phones at a cost $4200.
I am extremely disappointed with not getting the discount that was promised 2 years ago and now refusing to apply it after upgrading the two phones.
The also lack of customer service in relsoving this is extremely dispointing. If anyone has any suggestions on how to relsove this I would like to hear them.

Community Power User
Community Power User

EPP is usually supplied by specific large retailers. Where did you purchase your phones?

I suggest addressing it with them first.


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