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Device Care

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I have questions about the service. I had lost my phone two weeks ago, but a friend retrieved it recently and sent it to me. I've been using an cheap, older device I owned, though I had to buy a new SIM.

Now it's in pretty bad shape. It's snapped, screen clearly broken, scratches all over. From what I can tell, it's beyond reasonable repair.

However, I've been paying Telus Device Care for quite a while now, and I want to know if I'm covered for a repair or equitable replacement. Telus is not clear on their website, and has been down for some time supposedly (I cannot access it as of this writing). I work long shifts and their service hours for phone help don't work with my schedule.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm still paying for this phone through device balance. I don't have the money for a brand new device right now. I'm really hoping Device Care will do something about this, even if I have to pay a bit.

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Community Power User

You'll probably want to call during business hours to verify but the website says the following:


What it covers

The manufacturer’s warranty is typically valid for the first 12 months of activation, and covers all defects in parts and workmanship. This comes standard with all wireless devices offered by TELUS.

Telus Device Care adds;

  • Coverage from only $7 per month
  • Stay connected with a replacement device shipped to you the next business day
  • Coverage for up to two incidents of accidental or liquid damage (subject to a $79 service charge)
  • Bypass the standard repair process with minimal downtime
  • Unlimited protection against mechanical and electrical malfunctions up to 2 years from the date of purchase (each subject to $29 service charge)

What isn’t covered

  • A lost or stolen device
  • Changes or enhancements to your phone
  • Abuse, misuse, or intentional acts
  • Problems with the phone before your enrolment was in effect
  • Failure caused by computer viruses
  • Accessories (unless part of the failed device)
  • Any cosmetic damage

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I thought if you lost the phone, it was covered?  That's what the sales rep told me.  Hmmmmmm


And looks like you're SOL .  If it looks like you abused the phone good chances are they won't cover it.  Or you might have to pay an 79 dollar fee,  Not sure which at this point, but if the phone is as bad off as you say.  They might assume you abused it. 



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Community Power User


   If I recall, there were at one time, two versions of the plan, the more expensive of which included loss.  I can imagine there are those who would abuse the program, though, and there is no way to confirm a claim, unlike there is for damage. 


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Friendly Neighbour

Now it's in pretty bad shape. It's snapped, screen clearly broken, scratches all over. From what I can tell, it's beyond reasonable repair.


ever see that youtube video where the guy takes all these kinds of cell phones to see if they'll survive a hundred foot drop?  The above explanation of what kind of damage the cell phone is in reminds me on how most of them turned out after dropping it onto cement from a roof 100 feet above the air. 


There's a good chance that is what happened and the only thing that is crossing my mind.  cell phones are supposed to be able to take quite a bit of abuse these days.  

There have been multiple times of device care. If you have the original Device Protection it covered lost/stolen but the replacement fee was $150. If you have the $6 device care the fee is $50, if you have the most current device care it's $79 for physical damage which I can almost guarantee Esecuritel will state it is. You call Esecuritel for any service for your device. Their number is 1-866-281-4537 or submit a claim online to them at

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