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Contact customer service

Friendly Neighbour
How difficult is it normally to reach a customer service rep in your experience? I signed up for a couple lines 8 days ago. I have tried to phone three times, with the longest in hold for 80 minutes while I watched most of a World Cup match, before I gave up.

I have tried the online chat bot which says the service Center is closed (even in the middle of a business day) and recommends that I email customer service.

I have emailed EPP customer service and get a scripted response Sam that says they are no longer responding to customer service requests by email and to try the chat bot or phoning in.

I’m only 8 days in so I can still cancel at a store. Is it always like this?


It hasn't always been like this, but ever since COVID it's been horrible. Then it gets compounded by offering Black Friday deals and adding a tonne of support calls to an already over-subscribed "service". All TELUS execs should be required to take over one poor customer's support request every day until they fix this disaster.

Telus customer service used to be much much better, however I haven't had many issues when I called in. Today the only issue was when I request call back as the wait would be 15 minutes I had to call again because it passed 30 minutes. I wasn't able to register for call back because my call was already registered. It didn't take long to receive the call after that.

Friendly Neighbour
Thanks for the replies. I wound up reaching an EPP specific rep who made several calls to me and other Telus desks over several hours one day. If everything comes through as described, I will be sending a letter of praise to Telus letting them know he saved them from losing three new lines and has rebuilt some confidence. If you are on an EPP plan, use epp@telus (not eppcare@telus as described in the welcome) or EPP help number 1-877-460-1195.

Last, if you have a company, school or association email address you can use that to check if you qualify for an EPP plan on the Telus website here: or just search Telus epp

Hope that makes a few peoples path a little less bumpy than mine!