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Connection fee not mentioned and charged

As a long time Telus customer (more than 6 years), I called Telus yesterday to let them know I got a call from Rogers to offer me a much better deal. Got transferred to a Royalty team, they suggested me I can move to Koodo with a
A cheaper month fee and more data. Not a single time she mentioned about connection fee. She said Telus and Koodo is like a family. “ I can set up the Koodo account for you”. After all the conversations are done and I looked at my email and saw the $60 connection fee in the agreement. We also discussed that 4G would suit me and it saw in the agreement that the internet speed is up to only 100 Mbps while other providers with the same plan offers 150 Mbps. Again slower than standard speed. This’s also never been mention in the phone call. Oh yes and I was on the phone with the representative for almost 2 hours (Waiting for someone to answer the call, transfer the call, and actually talk to someone). Today I called back to ask for the $60 waiver, the representative said she can’t access Koodo system and she won’t be able to transfer me to the person who transferred my account. I have to wait until Monday for her to call me back to activate my new SIM card. Very very disappointed at Telus. I think I got scammed here. I will definitely report this to CCTS if Telus or Koodo can’t resolve the issue with Connection fee. It’s not about $60 anymore, it’s about the big company trying to make extra money off their customers. If I know they would charge me $60, I wouldn’t make a switch.


Connection fees don't have to be stated to be valid. Yeah, that's a bit of poor customer service there not being completely transparent but the sad thing is, all carriers are pulling this crap. Never rely on Customer Care to give you all of the info. Do your research first.

Thanks, good to know.

Just Moved In

I was already a Telus member and my phone broke so I had to go into the store and buy a new one, they offered me a "better" deal and same thing, at no time was it mentioned, discussed or advertised that there would be a 60$ connection fee, hell i didn't even receive an email confirmation of my new contract, completely incensed by this entire interaction.

That’s not right. I mean you just put your old sim in the new phone. I don’t see how they could even charge you connection fee…