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Potential 5G Tower Site - Madawaska Valley, ON

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Dear Friends,


I travel quite a bit for my work and often through Madawaska Valley area which is notoriusly bad for mobile reception especially south of Pembroke and north of Bancroft.


I have complained for several years but nothing has been done.


My wife reminded me we have a building in the centree of Barry's Bay, ON- which we own- and 2 acres of land that goes with it.


We can offer our land for Mobile 5G Tower leasing.


I am looking for a contact, email, phone number to connect with the Telus Team.


My email <Personal info removed by Mod>


Thank you, Sam


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus does not have any towers in that area. Telus uses Bell's towers in that region. You can see the existing towers in that area here. You may be better off reaching out to Bell to see if they're interested. There are a lot of hurdles to get a new tower installed so it likely won't be a fast process, if one is ultimately approved.

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