Cannot receive calls or make calls


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Hi, as in the subject...I cannot even dial 611 to contact a rep. My bills are up to date and the next one is not due until July 2... What could the problem be. I do not have a landline to call in with
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You could try the other methods described onthe Telus contact page:


They will be far better positioned to help you than we on thios forum can.

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Hi, in order to help, feel free to give us more details. For now, did you try to remove/re-add your sim card? Are you able to tell us if you're the onlu TELUS user having this issue in your area?


@Lostara: Try these troubleshootings in your phone, before contact


1) Pull the battery and SIMcard. Re-inserted and turn On Phone

2) Make sure the "Flight mode icon" is unchecked

3) Place a test call by manually, dialing a 11-digit number

4) Try to calling or receiving calls from 2-different Ph#s - ask a friend to help

5) Call your 'Voice-mail" dialing your own PH#

5)Check for any notification on screen


You'll get more workarounds soon. Meantime as "SuperFred" suggests tell us more

about the kind of phone and any alerts on screen. Good luck  <Bye>  "v9"






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